Sunday, 30 November 2014

Summer Journal Page

Here's a quick journal page. The background has mushroom prints in acrylic paints with paint markers and Inktense pencils. The girl is mainly acrylic with Inktense pencils on the hair. There's also a touch of Aqua markers, Copic markers, paint pens and graphite.

Seven Backgrounds in Seven Days - Day 4

Here's day 4 of the Jennibellie challenge - acrylic paint and stencils.

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Friday, 28 November 2014

Seven Backgrounds in Seven Days - Day 2

Here's day 2 of the Jennibellie monthly challenge. Today I used papers including book pages, scrapbook papers, Gelli prints, and sheet music.

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Inspiration Journal

I've just taken the free on-line Jennibellie Art course "Inspiration Station". I made this art journal which has the theme of art making. It's made from a single sheet of A3 cartridge paper folded to give a book A6 size (with each double spread being A5). It uses magazine pictures, book pages, collage papers, acrylics, ribbons, scrapbook embellishments, chipboard tags, paint pens, Copic markers, stamps, stickers, buttons, graphite pencil, coloured pencil, eyelets and brads.

Here is the cover; the elastic in the earring fastens over the flower in her hair to close the book.

Inside pages:

The tags fit into pockets which are an integral part of the book's construction:

Seven Backgrounds in Seven Days - Day 1

I've just started the Jennibellie November art challenge - 7 backgrounds in 7 days. The idea is to use 7 different media, one each day to create 7 different backgrounds. I have started with acrylic paint put on with brushes, fingers, rollers, credit card and sponges.

Those of you who can count will also notice I've done 8 backgrounds! This is because I thought I might make them into a book afterwards and I'll need an even number of pages.

Check back soon to see the next layer.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Character and Morals Journal - Work in Progress

I have recently been very inspired by and artist called Jennibellie. She has hundreds of amazing tutorials on her You Tube channel. I loved the recycled cards journal and just had to make one.

My journal is going to be about character traits and morals. I've only done a few pages so far.

We're Not Frogs!

Here is a portrait of my son and myself. He hates it because he says we look like frogs! Its painted with acrylics, ink sprays collage, charcoal and markers and it's about A1 size

Art Journals

Here are a few random pages from some recent art journals. They are mostly using acrylics and markers.

Can you spot the mushroom prints?

The 20 Year Painting

Recently I finally finished this abstract acrylic painting inspired by sea urchins that I started over 20 years ago!

Fabric Garden

I made this little wall hanging using fabric scraps over a painted fabric background. There's lots of free machine stitching over the top

Paverpol Nomad

I made this Paverpol and fabric nomad sculpture at a craft show workshop. You just dip the fabric into the Paverpol, drape it over an armature and it sets hard.


I made these fabric pieces whilst on the Unique Stitching retreat. The first two use TAP transfer artist paper to add the words and images whilst the background and colours are a mixture of ink sprays, tissue papers, stamps, acrylics and wax.

The last sample is silk paper made from silk fibres. It was then embellished with leaf skeletons, velvet and other fabric scraps, fabric flowers, and machine stitching.

Fabric Art Book

I made this fabric art book whilst on the Unique Stitching retreat. This is Jane Davila's class. It's both fabric and paper sewn together and embellished with paints, buttons ribbons and more. A bit like a fabric scrapbook.

Inside the front door

Scary Family

This scary picture emerged from lots of acrylic paint. You can see lines running vertically down the paper; this is where I cut up my first attempt which I didn't like and stuck it back together in a different order before adding more layers.