Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Playing With PhotoShop

I've been playing with PhotoShop brushes combined with some of my drawings. I have never been formally taught to use the program, I'm just playing to see what I can do!

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Learning to Quilt

I've been trying to teach myself to make a quilt. Here are my first attempts which are full of mistakes especially as my sewing machine was playing up. They use cotton fabric scraps pieced together. Free machine was used for the quilting and flowers. I used this tutorial for binding the edges.

Journal Challenges

I've been working on journal pages for the Lulu Arts Colour Me Positive challenge. Each week you are given a quote and a prompt to incorporate into your journal page. And guess what? I've already won a prize in the free draw!

I've also been working on these tiny pieces of art, only an inch square!

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Prints Galore

Today I have been printing on fabric and paper. First up I cut a new lino block with a jellyfish motif. I always find it hard to visualise which bit will come out coloured and which will remain white. I used paint pens on the lino to mark the design and show clearly which parts needed to be cut away (white) and which to keep (black). I printed the jellyfish on fabric and paper using regular acrylics and Lumiere opalescent fabric paints.

Printed on sheer organza
Next I used half an apple to print with using acrylic paints.

Next I used Magic Stamps. You can heat up these foam stamps with a heat gun and press objects into them to make a stamp. First I tried rice along with a variety of colour mediums.

Up next were cotton reels.

I tried pressing in one of my lino cuts to get a reverse stamp. Inktense blocks seemed to work best on these low relief stamps.

Then I tried pressing them into stencils.

And then into stencils layered on top of each other.

I now have a variety of printed fabrics and papers to play with.

Friday, 8 April 2016

Textile Creations

Here are my latest textile creations using fabric, paint and papers. Above is a mixed media flag.

Below; these tags are made with painted fabric, book pages, free machine, prints and other mixed media.

Journal Spots and Pages

I have recently been introduced to the Colour Me Positive weekly art journal challenge. Here are my 1st challenge pages:

And a smaller page for a swap.

I've also been working on some journal spot cards.

I have been trading journal prompt cards too. Here are some I made for my partner. I'm building up quite a collection.

This is a circus tent shaped page with a giraffe continuous contour drawing.