Monday, 23 January 2017

Bordering on Boredom

The last few days I have been quilting my burnt leaves piece. I have never worked on a large quilt before and this is 90 by 90 cm. It's quite a challenge fitting it under my domestic sewing machine. It's also tricky as the size and the weight of it means it constantly wants to pull off the table or gets hooked around the sewing machine. I'm now ready to put on the boarders; a process I find boring because it's not very creative and involves accuracy which is not my forte. I thought I should get some practise in first on some smaller pieces before I go for the large quilt.

I made these 2 black and pink quilts with cotton, tissue paper, scrapbook paper, paper flowers and painted papers from my Etsy shop. I used this you-tube tutorial for the edges.

They didn't come out perfect but I'm glad I got in a bit of practise before starting the large piece.

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