Saturday, 5 August 2017

Experiments in Melting

Today I have been experimenting with using chipboard and card cutouts as stencils for melted textiles. The basic technique is to layer acrylic felt and organza under the chipboard shape; in the picture above I used one by Scrapmatts. Drawing around the shape with a soldering iron melts the fabrics together. As the fabrics melt they also attach to the chipboard shape. You could stop here with your shape attached to the fabric as above.

The chipboard can easily be pulled away from the fabrics giving a melted outline (Below).

Use tweezers to remove the top layer of organza in places.

These window and buterfly designs are also from Scrapmatts.

I thought I would deliberately use the way the fabrics cling to the chipboard to make a mixed media piece. I made a couple of cardboard designs of my own using old box cardboard painted and stamped. The tree shape is one from Scrapmatts and the big flower is a mosaic board from Bunnings.

I wondered if paper would also adhere to the fabrics. Yes! How about foil, cotton, silk, silk paper, wool felt, buttons? In fact there didn't seem to be anything that wouldn't attach itself to the fabrics with melted felt.

I'm going to experiment more with this. Watch this space!

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