Monday, 21 January 2019

Whole Cloth Pebbles Abstract

I'm trying a whole cloth quilt technique to interpret one of my abstract designs

First I used a Frixion Pen to draw the design onto some cotton. The pen rubs out with the heat of friction or with an iron.

Next I quilted the whole design using thick wadding to make the pebbles raised.

The grey stripes were painted with acrylics with a little textile medium added.

For the coloured sections I used watercolour pencils activated with textile medium.

The whole thing is stretched over a frame.

Sunday, 20 January 2019

Mini Mixed-Media

I'm experimenting again with mixing my media. This mini piece has a needle felted landscape with appliqued cairn motif. The pebbles are cut from the felt and backed with printed papers. It's all mounted on a mini wood panel which has been painted with acrylics. I used resin to fill in the pebbles and give them some shine. The sky has also been coated with resin.

Saturday, 19 January 2019

Resin Experiments

I recently purchased some Art Resin. I love the glassy, hard, high shine surface that resin gives. I haven't used resin before so I've been experimenting with some mug coaster sized pieces first. I wanted to see how well it went over collage, paint and fabric and also to get the hang of applying the resin and getting rid of bubbles. I have much to learn! Luckily there are lots of great video tutorials on the Art Resin site.

Thursday, 17 January 2019

More Play With Fabric Pebbles

Today I decided to quilt some of my fabric pebbles to make them more 3D. I also wanted to experiment more with colour so I also quilted some blank pebbles using plain cotton. Once the quilting lines are in it's easier to paint the sections as the stitching keeps the colours separated. The pebble above was painted with acrylics and Posca pens. I added a little textile medium to make the paint flow and to make it washable.

I added some extra colour to some of my acrylic pebbles using watercolour pencils and Inktense pencils. I used textile medium to activate the colour rather than water to make it washable. The fabric medium is also more viscous than water so the colours don't run together too much.

I tried a Gelli® print over a quilted pebble. The colour mostly picked up on the raised areas which was what I wanted. It's difficult to see until I cut the pebble out though. I also tried masking off my Gelli® plate with strings whilst taking the print.

I've been thinking about how to attach the pebbles to the background. I could easily sew or glue them on but I don't always like them to be raised above the background area rather than being part of it. With some scraps I tried "fabric marquetry" a technique which I've seen in wood. I cut the pebbles and their holes from pieces of similar thickness. When the pebbles are inserted into the hole they are the same level as the background. I ironed some interfacing on the back to keep them in place whilst I stitched around them.

Another way to keep the pebbles and background the same height would be to quilt the pebbles and landscape at the same time from a single piece and then paint them in. I'll try that next,

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

The Traditional Cairn?

Today I tried a little traditional piecing. Knowing my inability to measure and cut accurately I gave myself a head start by using a jelly roll of batik fabric - these are already cut to 2.5 inches wide. I assembled some into a stripy quilt top but how did I want the cairn? Appliqued on?

Perhaps some prairie points for the stones? Maybe on another one inserted into the seams.

I decided to cut out a cairn shape right out of the quilt top and then fill the space with free-motion stitch on water soluble.

I probably should've stopped here, I like the contrasting black and white. By this point to top was very distorted. I decided to quilt it down onto some wadding to stabilise it. I decide to use some previously dyed wadding and let the colour shine through.

I like the idea of again breaking the rules by having the wadding show. I'll do some more experiments with this soon.

Fabric Pebbles

Today I have been using up fabric scraps to make some more pebbles. This time I couched down some yarn to give the impression of veins running through the stones. I used some hand dyed fabric as a base.

I did the same with some left-over felt and a stitched sample.

I cut the pebbles and rearranged them to get more colourful designs.

I've also tried block printing pebbles directly to fabric.

Although these are nice I can't get such a vibrant effect as on paper. Looks like I'll have to send them off to get digitally printed.

Sunday, 13 January 2019

Mixed Media Cairn

I have finally finished this mixed media piece and learnt loads in the process. The piece features collage with paint, print, stitched acrylic pour, felt, organza, and sewn and burnt book pages. It's all mounted on an MDF panel about 30cm by 60cm. I hope to use some of my other abstract designs to make more in the series.