Friday, 5 December 2014

3 Pages 7 Days Challenge

Here is another challenge I've been doing from Jennibellie. Again we did one layer each day but this time we were making an actual journal page, not just a background. The twist was that before we began we chose our 6 layers, wrote them down on scraps of folded paper and then picked a random one each day. In this way we wouldn't know if we'd be starting with paint or paper, embellishments or text etc. The 7th day was left free to choose.

I got my layers out in the following order:
1) Focal image
2) Journalling / text
3) Paint
4) Paper
5) Ephemera
6) Pastels
7) Highlights and doodles

Day 1 - Focal image (Paint pens, coloured pencils, acrylics)

Day 2 - Journalling (paint pens)

Day 3 - Paint (Neocolors, acrylics)

Day 4 - Paper (Gelli prints, scrapbook paper and patterned tissue paper).

Day 5 - Ephemera (Well as I didn't have any I used fake ephemera cut-outs from scrapbook supplies)


Day 6 - Pastels  - Oil pastels and PanPastels

Day 7 - Highlights and doodles with Posca paint pens

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