Saturday, 24 January 2015

Even More Journal Pages

Time: Inktense blocks, paint pens, stencils.

Poem page: Washi tape, inktense blocks, acrylic ink, collage.
This was a Lifebook lesson. I took a piece of text from a book and cut up the words and rearranged them into this poem. The lino cut stamp of the house was made by my daughter - see this post on my home educating blog.

Breathe: Acrylics, Inktense pencils, collage, Copic markers, paint pens.

Dive Deep: Acrylics, collage, paint pens, coloured pencil, Copic markers.

Illuminate My World: Acrylics, paint pens, acrylic ink, bubble wrap printing.

Diary page: Acrylics, coloured pencil, collage, ink stamps, graphite, paint pens

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