Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Primordial Soup - Textile Art

My 3D melted pink creation from the previous post now has a background and is ready to hang. I painted and printed on black Lutradur with ordinary and metallic acrylic paints, and then free machined the piece onto some bright blue acrylic felt. I used the soldering iron to cut and shape the edges and the heat gun to distress the background allowing the blue to show through.

The 3D pink cells were melted on with the soldering iron. I have named the piece Primordial Soup. 3.8 billion years ago life began. Cells divided and connected together in new ways to form our most ancient ancestors. How beautiful the evolution of nature.


  1. Love this piece!! Do you have complete instructions or a book?

  2. Some of the ideas are adapted from "Fusing Fabric" by Margaret Beal.