Monday, 2 April 2018

Pop-Up Fusing

What do you get if you cross a soldering iron, a pop up card and some fabric? Well some quite cool fabric sculptures actually!

I've taken a break today from dying fabrics (don't worry more to come tomorrow!) in order to prepare for a demonstration for WAQA Contemporary Quilters on my fusing fabrics techniques. Of course I got a few ideas and didn't prepare for the demonstration at all but started working on a new technique based on pop up cards using felt and organza cut and fused with the soldering iron. The photos here are a little disappointing as in real life they are very shiny and very three dimensional.

This example below is popped in rather than popped out, although it's hard to tell from the photo!

These are all free standing and self supporting. I'm experimenting with different interfacings on the back trying to find one sturdy enough to make larger pieces but flexible enough to be folded. Watch this space.

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