Sunday, 27 May 2018

Quiltwest 2018

I've been at the Quiltwest exhibition all day today. Pictured above (and detail below) is the winning quilt.

On display were many amazing quilts by members of the Western Australian Quilters Association. I had 3 pieces on show but you've seen those before so here are some of my favourites from other members. Sorry I don't have the artists details for them all, I was supposed to be doing white glove duty while I was taking photos!

This one (below) is a collaborative piece from the Contemporary Quilt Group. See if you can spot my self portrait.

This one is the winner from the under 18s section!

Also on show were the judges selections from the AQC and the Best of Australia.

In this one the hands were really 3D although it doesn't show in the photo

Overall winner for Best of Australia

I enjoyed this exhibition by the group SAlt. The theme was the hashtag symbol and each member made a large quilt based on this theme. The other members then all made a smaller piece inspired by the larger one. Finally the original artist made another smaller piece inspired by all the other members' small quilts.

It's only $10 for members to exhibit up to 4 pieces at Quiltwest. Perhaps you'll join in next year?

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