Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Gouache and Ink Resist Part 2

Here are my latest experiments with the gouache resist technique from DMTV. I've turned up the colour with a layer of Gelli® prints in acrylic as the base layer. My experiments with coloured acrylic ink went well but I still love the pop of colour that you get with the black. These prints are mostly on thick cartridge paper - I just about got away with them not ripping with all the water, using watercolour paper works much better though. Sadly my experiments with fluid acrylics did not work. They did not remove well from the paper without lots of scrubbing which ripped the paper. Maybe thicker stuff will work.

I tried doing a drawing underneath with waterproof markers, it worked well but she needs more colour I think.

The experiments showed that the technique also works on fabric. The colours don't come out as bright though (I have a plan for that - watch for part 3).

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