Art Room

I think I've finally stopped moving house so it's time to update the art room photos. I'm lucky enough to now have art ROOMS! One room for mess and paint, the other for sewing and felting. Most of the furniture is from Ikea including the paper storage unit, craft storage units, chairs and white tables.

The materials I use all the time are right next to the desk so I can just grab them without leaving my chair. At the top are acrylic paints, mostly Chromacryl brand. Also in the draw is matt medium, clear and white gesso and gel medium. There's a water spray bottle up here too for wetting paper or cleaning up quick messes. Next shelf down are glues and tapes of all kinds along with even more paints. The 3rd shelf down contains  inks and spray inks, charcoal, pastels, Neocolours, Prisma colours and watercolours. At the bottom are open acrylics, fluid acrylics and metallic acrylic paints. There's also a selection of pens and pencils.

In easy reach are pots containing paintbrushes, paint pens, pencils, markers, coloured pencils, rubbers and sharpeners. There's also stencils, water pot, palette knives, and items to print with such as bubble wrap, and of course baby-wipes!

Elsewhere around the room are stored items that I use less frequently such as brads, buttons, embellishments, ribbons,  rollers and printing tools,  sheets of metal, balsa wood, and lots, lots more. The kids have their art things here too along with some science equipment.

Paper scraps are sorted by type and colour and I have a handy drying rack on top.

The sewing room has fabrics galore. They're organised by type and the tiny scraps by colour. I have a table for the sewing machine and a desk for drawing out ideas. The 3rd table has been raised so it's a good height for standing and cutting fabrics or making felt. The wall behind the table has some designs I'm currently working on.

All the furniture here is again from Ikea including the wire storage draws. The table risers are available at Bunnings DIY store.

All the art books are now located here for easy reference.

The built in wardrobe hides another set of  storage drawers along with boxes of finished and unfinished artworks. The only thing I don't have is a sink which means I have to go to the laundry next door.

Ikea plan chest
Ikea storage boxes and units
Ikea table tops


  1. Looks like a lot of fun can be had in this your creations!

  2. looks a bit like my work room...must be the ikea furniture!